Helpfulness is Less Amusing

As a devout and avid reader you probably believe this blog is merely a place for me to rant about the Job Centre Plus, you are of course wrong. The purpose of this blog is to note anything interesting/annoying in my life in a hopefully humorous tone, turns out the Job Centre Plus is just amazingly capable at winding me up. I actually thought I’d start this week by ranting about amazon but then they fixed my issues pretty quickly so I can’t, looks like it’s back to my normal ranting then.

Last week I received a letter about how I hadn’t joined the job agency (a lie) so before I visited the Job Centre Plus I decided to visit the agency. The guy I originally saw wasn’t around so I asked a lady there if she could find the contract I’d signed and could have a photocopy. I explained why and she agreed although they were busy so she would have to email me later. I had hoped I would have it for the interview but decided this was the best I could manage so I left to go eat a sandwich and wait for my interview.

Arriving to wait this time it was relatively quiet and didn’t even take long for me to be called over. Knowing I had a different “Work Coach” this week I was somewhat apprehensive. I’ve come to realise that I should expect everyone there to be useless and irritating, somehow even this week I was wrong. She was actually kind and helpful, a contrast that from a braced state caused me mental whiplash. I was probably there for the same amount of time as usual but it was no longer prolonged mental torture and therefore almost seemed like it was over too soon. I was finally given a genuine reason as to why they wouldn’t help with self-employment, in summary from what I gathered it’s essentially only possible for people selling physical goods. I was also aided in what to do about the letter and told how to ensure I’d have the time to send off my proof. This was my most surprising meeting and most helpful.

After this I went to wait for the bus thinking all the weirdness was over, I seem to be wrong in every assumption I ever make. After a while a guy shows up to wait for the same bus with 3 lengths of pipe insulation poking out of his bag, I thought this was mildly amusing shopping for the bus but kind of dismissed it shortly after. Shortly later, 3 stops to be precise, a lady walked on with a roll of carpet under her arm. If there is any lesson you should take from my blog it is: busses are weird places.

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